Are you an expert recruiter or sourcer?

Nelson’s team of recruiting specialists work with top companies in the tech industry and beyond (including the world's #1 search engine!) to offer you unparalleled opportunities to grow your recruiting career.

Working with Nelson’s recruiting for recruiters team offers you:

Focused Partners
Our recruiters are experts in the world of recruiting recruiters. Focused exclusively on matching exceptional recruiters and sourcers with opportunities at top companies, we will work with you to understand your career goals and identify the best opportunities for you.

Insider Knowledge 
Your Nelson recruiting partner will prep you for your interview, meaning you’ll understand exactly what the interviewer is looking for in potential hires before you even make your first introductions. We've been hiring for the world's #1 search engine for seven years, so you know you can rely on our advice!

Access to Opportunities 
It can be difficult to get past the gatekeeping systems at top companies–one of our partners receives over two million applicants every year! However, with Nelson behind you, you’ll sail past the screening gauntlet and put your resume in front of decision makers.

"I want to thank Nelson Staffing for going out of their way to help make my dreams come true. Before my current position, the idea of feeling excited to go to work seemed out of reach. I am grateful to be experiencing that excitement, while being supported and motivated by my colleagues every day."

-Recently placed candidate

We have active recruiting and sourcing positions available with the world's top search engine! Current opportunities are located in the Bay Area, New York City, Seattle, and Austin. Send us your LinkedIn profile now to be considered.